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Wheat spaghetti, dewlap, garlic, olive oil and pepper

A simple recipe becomes superb when the best ingredients are used. Here’s how Francesco takes this ‘barbela’ wheat spaghetti, aglio, olio, and peperoncino to the next level.

“Amor é Cego olive oil is not fried so as not to lose its freshness or aroma. ‘Barbela’ wheat spaghetti is homemade with eggs from field hens and “trafilato al bronzo” to ensure a good roughness. [Other ingredients are] Red garlic, fresh chili and fresh parsley from the garden, sea salt, and natural mineral water. To remove the aggressive side but not its aromatic characteristics, we boil the garlic without the germen four consecutive times for five seconds in hot water. We emulsify the garlic with 50/50 olive oil and mineral water. We add the hand-cut parsley and the seedless thin-sliced chili. We boil the Spaghetti in saltwater, and once cooked (al dente), we wrap them still hot with the emulsion and keep it off the stove. Serve with more chili pepper, chopped parsley, and a drizzle of olive oil.”