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Villa Oeiras

The Carcavelos region, even though it’s one of the oldest (1908), is also the one with the smallest area of vineyards, currently with just over 25 ha.

“Its fame dates back to the 18th century, but the urban pressure gradually led to the birth of buildings where previously there were vineyards. Many estates were once producers, but nowadays, the most significant vineyard is located at Quinta do Marquês, in Oeiras, where a project supported by the City Council is being developed to preserve this heritage. 12 ha are planted there, and another 6 ha will be planted soon. The wines are mostly made with the Galego Dourado variety, a white grape that here, close to the sea and with mild temperatures, generates an outstanding liqueur wine, slightly less alcoholic and drier than Port wine. To a lesser extent, the Arinto and Ratinho varieties may also appear. It’s required to age for two years in wood barrels and six months in bottles before being sold. Without prejudice to old bottles that are still found on the market, it is the Villa Oeiras brand that best expresses the style of this wine, still unknown to many consumers.” By João Paulo Martins The company’s contacts -Tel: 210 976 562, Email:

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