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Carcavelos Wine

Did you know that Portugal‘s smallest wine region is in Cascais?

Seasoned by the mountain winds and the sea breeze, Carcavelos Wine is an outstanding liqueur wine part of the history of Cascais and its neighbouring villages. For a long time, viticulture was the most important economic activity in Carcavelos. For quite some decades now, it has lost ground to the urban fabric, and today only a few vineyards can be found here. However, the Cascais Municipality has an ongoing project to revitalise the best vines and create a development centre in the Santa Maria do Mar monastery. Very soon, this DCO wine can be adequately reborn in its native Cascais area. In the Oeiras Municipality, the vineyards still thrive, and it‘s there that this unique wine is still produced, its almond flavour and aroma, making it the perfect kick-start or end to a special meal.

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