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Peixaria Veloso

Sea urchins love sticking to rocks lapped by the sea; that’s where they hide and can be picked.

This so-called hunt has many tricks and rules subject to quotas and particular techniques to ensure the sea urchin populations are not decimated. In Portugal, the invertebrate is found all along the coast, Ericeira being one of the most famous spots. It is there that Peixaria Veloso picks its sea urchins to sell to the best chefs and connoisseurs. Deemed the most famous fish stall at the Mercado 31 de Janeiro in Lisbon, it was founded by Açucena Veloso and recently named after her as a homage following her passing. It supplies a good part of the best chefs in the capital, such as Paulo Morais, Vítor Sobral, José Avillez, Marlene Vieira, etc.

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