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Join us on a short trip to São Jorge and one of its factories dedicated to São Jorge POD Cheese production.

This short video follows the production process that begins with curdling raw milk, adding the whey, which is removed before adding refined salt. Once this is done, it’s time to fill the moulds; then, the curd is pressed and left to stand for 30 days at room temperature. The maturation process begins at a controlled temperature of 12 to 14 °C with a relative humidity of 80 to 85%. São Jorge DOP Cheese has a minimum cure of 90 days that can go up to 24 or 36 months. Uniqueijo, Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Dairy Products of São Jorge, UCRL – UNIQUEIJO, produces high-quality cheeses using strict food control parameters. Lactaçores commercializes them.

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