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It is tomato season, which populates market stands from June till October.

As our dear Maria de Lourdes Modesto says, “During tomato season, there are no bad cooks”, and she explains: “With its smooth, lively and shiny skin, and curves to die for, the tomato is the ultimate fruit, the most planted and consumed in the whole world in its multiple varieties. Its constant renovation is surprising. There’s always a never before seen variety, either red, green or yellow, loose or in a bunch, round, heart or bell-shaped; each year, this sun-loving fruit appears in a new disguise. No wonder it can be prepared in so many different ways. It’s good raw, in salads or hors d’oeuvres, cooked in soups, sauces or jams, and even as a condiment”. Aside from these attributes, it’s also a source of carotenes, mainly lycopene, an important antioxidant.

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