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A large fish, the swordfish is distinguished by its elongated shape that resembles a sword.

It can exceed three meters in length and weigh up to 500 kilos, making it a coveted trophy for sports fishermen. In Portuguese waters – from the continental coast to both archipelagos – swordfish is a constant. The waters off Sesimbra, a place with a long tradition of swordfish fishing, are one of the fish’s crossing points as they get closer to the coast in the autumn months, during their migratory movement to the Mediterranean where they spawn. According to Sesimbr’Acontece magazine, “its soft meat and absence of bones make it a much-appreciated fish, both by the locals, who cook it in more traditional ways -, namely grilled, with onions or in stews -, or by chefs, who today offer a greater variety of sophisticated swordfish dishes”.

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