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Fruit of the chestnut trees of the municipalities of Marvão, Castelo de Vide and Portalegre, the Chestnut of Marvão Portalegre DOP comes in the Bárea, Clarinha or Enxerta, and Bravo varieties.

It stands out for its colour, which varies from dull dark brown (Bárea variety), lighter brown (Clarinha or Enxerta) and bright reddish-brown (Bravo) and also for its peeling that, like its colour, differs depending on the variety. More than roasted on the stove on São Martinho’s Day, the Chestnut of Marvão Portalegre DOP takes a central role in several typical regional dishes, such as chestnut soup or pork with chestnut. As for its nutritional value, the Health Ministry highlights: “When compared to nuts, the chestnut has a lower caloric content, since it is low in fat (and the fat it contains is essentially polyunsaturated) and does not contain cholesterol. (…) It is a source of nutrients, namely vitamins, minerals and protective chemical compounds for the cells. Vitamins present in the chestnut include vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folic acid (….)”

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