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Butelo de Vinhais

Trás-os-Montes is famous for its sausages and smoked meat, and this week‘s product is one of its most dazzling stars.

Butelo de Vinhais (PGI) – also known as Bucho de Vinhais or Chouriço de Ossos de Vinhais – is known for its unique flavour that comes from four fundamental factors: the pigs‘ feed, the production method used, slow smoking that allows for sealing its aromas and the cure in a fresh, dry environment. How is this sausage made? It‘s simple (or not): “bone-in meat and cartilage (from the pig‘s vertebrae and ribs) are cut into small pieces and placed in a container to be seasoned. This mixture – known as “adoba“ – rests for one to three days. After the last adjustments to the seasoning comes the filling, in a large intestine, stomach, or bladder, previously sewn or tied with cotton thread at one end, the other being tied after the “meats“ are well compacted inside. Next comes the smoking over low heat, with oak or chestnut wood, for at least 15 days, followed by a curing period, in a cool place“.

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