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Vítor Sobral cooking tuna

From the imposing Ponta dos Rosais to the mystical Fajã de Santo Cristo, the Poça de Simão Dias and the pictoresque village of Velas, we wandered around São Jorge in chef Vitor Sobral’s company. On his way around the island, the chef took some time to visit Santa Catarina Indústria Conserveira SA to work his magic on a tuna. And then? And then we had the pleasure of watching the chef turn this and other wonders of the Azorean sea into dishes that we won’t forget. And if these dishes remain in our tastebuds’ memory, the moment we shared at the table will also stay in our mind. It is not every day that moments like these are savoured in a place as unique as the cosy Quinta da Magnólia, with the island of Pico lurking on the horizon. To toast to all of this, a Verdelho from the neighbouring island of Pico. Here’s to you, São Jorge!

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