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Sea urchin

A spoonful of the ocean: perhaps this is the best synthesis of what it is to taste a sea urchin.

A marine invertebrate related to the starfish; it hides in rocks and feeds on algae and small invertebrates. Juicy, fresh and with an intense flavour of the sea, it is a delicacy appreciated worldwide: from Japan where it is called “uni“ to France in the famous “oursinades“, and Ericeira, the village baptised in its honour. Ericeira is a derivation of “ouriceira“ (a place where there are many sea urchins). It can have many tones – from purplish to brown – and, ideally, it should be consumed raw and alive; it can also be steamed, baked or added to rice or soups. And even if you don‘t enjoy seeing it on a plate, you‘d still prefer to eat it rather than step on it!

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