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Torre de Palma

There is no region of Portugal without vineyards, and there is no corner of Portugal without a harvest.

September is the culmination of a year dedicated to the vineyard; this month, the grapes are taken to the winery, the harvest’s profits are calculated, and we try to predict what the year’s wines will be like. And that is why this month, for so many families, has such a special meaning. The end of the harvest, and all the hard work associated with it, is a cause for celebration throughout the country, islands included. At The Art of Tasting Portugal, we take part in this celebration by highlighting grapes as a tribute to those who work in the vineyards to bring us this magnificent fruit to eat and, above all, to drink! Here are the hotel’s contacts – Tel: +351 245 038 890, Email:, Address: Herdade Torre de Palma S/N, 7450-250 Monforte

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